Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joshua the son of Nun = Yeshua the Son of Life

Since I was writing about Jericho and Joshua, and I believe Joshua is a foreshadow of Jesus (Yeshua), I was curious about what the name of Joshua's father, Nun, might mean. I looked it up and found several interesting pages. One of the pages is from a website called Hebrew for Christians, that has a description of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet with the significance of the symbols and how it is used in inspired scripture. It is amazing the meaning that is packed into even each letter and each part of the letter symbol. Even each stroke and dot in the scripture has meaning. The page for the letter 'Nun' is very interesting. One of the things I found was that nun' in aramaic means 'fish' which is a symbol of life and activity; so 'son of Nun' also means 'Son of Life', which is fitting for Yeshua the Messiah. Please take the time to read the page about the letter 'nun' and click the arrows at the top left of the page to go back and forth to the other letters of the alphabet, if you like.

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