Sunday, October 04, 2009

History of the Biblical Faith in Poland: The Berean Beacon

The website,, has a new video called True Polish Christian History in which Richard Bennett interviews Peter Slomski, a Christian whose parents came from Poland to England, where Peter was raised. They discuss the history of Biblical faith in Poland beginning in the middle ages.


Jennie said...

I think it's very interesting, as was brought out in this video about Poland, that Biblical faith brings liberty. Our own country gained liberty by the principle of 'self-government', which is really that of being governed by Christ's Spirit in each person, that is taught in the Bible and made possible by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through God's inspired Word. This is one reason that many opposed Roman Catholicism when it began to grow in the United States, because they feared a return to bondage under the pope, in which the state and religion unite to rule over them.

Daughter of Wisdom said...

True liberty is indeed liberty of conscience - the freedom to allow God to rule from the heart.

God has freed us from bondage of sin and men, let us therefore love and value our freedom and liberty in Christ.

Peace and Blesssings :-)