Monday, October 25, 2010

Finished 'Choosing to SEE' by Mary Beth Chapman

Last week I finished reading 'Choosing to SEE' by Mary Beth Chapman, who, as many know, is the wife of Christian recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman. It is an amazing story, very uplifting, though as one might imagine, very difficult to read when Mary Beth relates the story of their child's death and the aftermath. The story has many funny moments as well.
The main themes of the story are the goodness and faithfulness of God; God's grace in our weakness and trouble; God's plans are usually not the same as ours, so we may find ourselves doing the things we said we'd never do; and God brings good out of what the enemy means for evil.
Mary Beth writes very candidly about her feelings, faults, weakness, and troubles, as well as the triumphs that come when she and her family look to God and trust in Him for their help and strength. She also writes about the strength and help that come from the body of Christ when others pray and help and weep with those who weep. Another theme is revealed towards the very end of the book and I won't say what it is, but God truly brings beauty from ashes in this family's story, which is the theme of one of Steven Curtis's songs that came out of Maria's death.
Mary Beth also writes quite a bit about the adoptions of her three daughters from China, and about the way that God changed her during the process; also about the new children's home, Maria's Big House of Hope, that was built and dedicated recently in China, as one of the ministries of Show Hope, the adoption grant organization founded by the Chapmans.

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