Saturday, December 20, 2008

Must read Warren Smith's 'Reinventing Jesus Christ'

Here is a very important book called 'Reinventing Jesus Christ: The New Gospel' by Warren Smith that every Christian should read. Warren Smith is a former new ager who was converted to Jesus Christ and is warning people of the 'new gospel' proposed by the new age movement, via their new 'Christ' whom they call Maitreya. It is a very eye-opening book, exposing the shocking plans of the 'new gospel' evangelists and showing the prominent church leaders who have become part of this end-times delusion that was prophesied in God's Word. Please click on the blue book in the right margin of the page after you click on the link above.
In a related article, here is a commenatry by Paul Proctor speaking on the same subject.
These are urgent warnings that true Christians should prepare themselves for persecution and take care, as Jesus warned, not to be deceived by false christs (see Matthew 24).

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carolv said...

And here you are being deceived yourself. Tragic