Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's fun making homemade hand salve

This week I made homemade hand salve using expeller expressed virgin coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils, and wheat germ oil. It was very easy and fun. I also ordered some cute metal tins (8 oz.) to put the salve in.

I made 5 cups at a time, using tangerine essential oil for the first batch and lavender essential oil for the second batch.

All I did was melt 4 cups of coconut oil (it's solid in cold weather) on medium low heat and then add 1 cup of beeswax pearls. You can adjust the amount of beeswax if you like it more solid. The more beeswax you add the more solid the salve will be. I had to raise the heat a little until the beeswax melted. Then I took the pot off the heat and added a tablespoon of wheat germ oil (for the vitamin e) and about an ounce of the essential oil. I let it cool for just a few minutes and then used a small ladle to spoon the oil into the tins. It hardened and turned opaque as it cooled. Then I put the lids on and later made some nice labels for them. They will be used for Christmas gifts. My daughters and I couldn't wait till Christmas to use ours, so we each got a tin and tried it! It is very good for chapped hands and dry feet.
Pictures coming soon!

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