Monday, March 12, 2012

The Well of Living Water

I heard this on my local Christian radio station,J93.3FM, last week. A recording of Mark Hall, of Casting Crowns, talking about his new book 'The Well'. He said 'the woman at the well thought she was standing beside a well talking to a man, but she was really standing beside a hole in the ground and talking to the Well'. He said we often draw from so many other things in our lives instead of from Christ, the Well of Living Water. We think we're drawing from a well, but it's just a hole in the ground which cannot satisfy. How true that is.

This really struck me, as I seem to be in a season of uncertainty and changes in my life; and I feel like I've been asleep for many years because of depression and fear, and am just now trying to wake up and live. I feel like I'm wanting to stretch my wings and be willing to make mistakes while trying new things. In the process I feel like I'm being pulled by both the world and by Christ, and I have to learn how to walk in this world, but not be of it. I am tempted to 'be of it' though, since I've lived a sheltered life for so long, and often feel lately that I've missed out. My last post on Neil Gaiman relates to this, of course. I want to be free to do things even if I make mistakes and fall down in the process. I don't mean that one should go out and sin, but that I should stretch myself by using the gifts God has given me. I will make mistakes as I do this, but I will also grow into who God meant me to be.

Pray for me to seek first the kingdom of God and not fall for the world's false substitutes.

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