Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Launch Party at eddiesnipes.com: 'I Called Him Dancer'!!!

Eddie's official book launch is today! Please go to eddiesnipes.com to read about the book, and to enter the 'Win A Kindle 3' Contest!!! There is no purchase necessary to enter, but you can get extra entries by blogging, reviewing the book, etc..
Also on Eddie's webpage today, you can request a free MP3 copy of the song that inspired the novel: Dancer written by Tralena Walker and Tom Webster. Also mentioned in the novel is their other song, 'I Know No Other Way'. This is also available as an MP3 on Amazon.com.

'I Called Him Dancer' is available on Kindle for 99 cents, and in paperback for $10.88.

We are asking for as many people as possible to order the book on Amazon today to make it move up in the rankings and get lots of attention. The book is getting really good reviews. Thanks for helping!

When people see a breathtaking performance, it looks like natural, raw talent. The truth is, behind the performer is a long road filled with struggle, pain, and hardship. In front of every winner is a mountain of failure they must first climb and conquer. The greater the mountain, the sweeter the taste of success. Michael Camp was an award winning dancer.

For a moment, Michael danced on top of the world, but one bad choice turned his life upside down. The once promising Broadway star now washes windows for tips and lives among the homeless. When his former dance partner recognizes him behind the fray of whiskers, shame drives him away from her. Angry at God and the world, the Dancer refuses to allow anyone into his life.

Beyond his short-lived success, stands a valley of despair with terrain so rugged, his very life will hang in the balances. If he survives, the mountain awaits. It has been said, unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it cannot blossom into life. Can Michael Camp trust enough to die, when life seems out of reach?

When everything is stripped away, three things remain: faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love. I Called Him Dancer is a story about how one woman’s enduring faith and unconditional love drives her to reach out to a homeless man who has given up on life.

What readers are saying:

This book is a page turner from cover to cover, Eddie makes you feel like you actually know the characters in his book. - B. Tillman, OR.


Almost too good to put into words. ...you'll find yourself saying, "Just one more chapter". K. McNabney, IL


This book is a must read. Through this book the reader will learn about true love and the power it holds. T. Franklin, TX


I loved this book from cover to cover, the author makes you feel like you actually

know the characters in his book. T. Webster, VA


Jennie said...

Yay!!! Eddie's book has move up from about 180,000 in the rankings to 43,447 as of now!!!
The Kindle has moved way up to 9,691!!! Thanks to all who are buying it!

Jennie said...

Kindle Edition now up to #6,091!!!
Paperback is up to #13,960!!!

Jennie said...

The book moved down a bit in the rankings overnight, but is gaining momentum again and moving up!
On Amazon it takes a while to find out how many books actually have sold, so I can't report on how many we sold for the Launch yet.

Jennie said...

Just found out Eddie's book got up to #9 in the Inspirational Fiction category at one point yesterday. It's at #40 right now in that category. That will make it much more visible to people looking in that category!

Christine said...

Congratulations on Eddie's book! Writing inspirational fiction surely takes a great gift.

Jennie said...

Thank you Christine! God has given Eddie a gift for writing, both fiction and non-fiction. It's neat to see the way God works in his life.