Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lots of 'little' things going on

I haven't shared alot on the blog the last few weeks. For one thing I've been busy with life and had lots of little things going on that I didn't take time to share; mainly because I didn't know where to start. I should have been sharing as I went along, but hopefully I can get it all down here going forward. I say 'little things' but they may not be so little; maybe little steps leading to bigger things anyway. Even though I am often unfaithful and forgetful, God isn't. He has been leading me each step of the way.
One of the not-so-little things is that the Lord led me to start a ladies' prayer group at our small church. As I shared months ago, I was feeling kind of left out of things, and being shy, had a hard time connecting. The Lord called me, the most fearful one, to step out and lead in an area that was very much needed. I had been seeing the need of more intimate connection between the members of the body so that we could help each other and lift each other up in prayer and encouragement. That has been happening as we meet monthly to pray and also have an online prayer site to share daily needs. Our church is becoming a safe place for us to share our faults and problems and needs, and God is uniting us and helping us to love one another more deeply. This is a big answer to prayer for me. Thank you Lord!


Rebecca said...

I'm happy for you, Jennie. That sounds like a great group, "bearing one another's burden's and so fulfilling the law of Christ."

Christine said...

Oops - my daughter was logged in to Google Reader, I guess :)

Jennie said...

Thanks Christine. It is a great group. I'm so glad the Lord helped me not to be afraid to step out and suggest starting it.