Monday, December 27, 2010

When It's Hard to Agree With God: Bob Burridge

Bob Burridge of Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies has a helpful new post up today about the confession of sin.


Christine said...

Just a couple of comments. He says about confession to a priest:

"While true sorrow about the sins may be implied while making your list, it’s often not the prime concern."

False. For Catholics, true sorrow (contrition)IS the main concern.

He says, "[F]orgiveness is made to be dependent upon something we do rather than upon God’s grace alone which paid in full for the sins of his people at the cross of Calvary."
but then goes on to say that there ARE things we MUST DO, namely "recognizing our moral unworthiness" and "agree with our Creator that we are lost". If we must "recognize" and "agree", then he is contradicting his contention that God's grace alone is needed, as he said earlier.

He implies that many believe that "listing of our sins . . . earns forgiveness". I don't know anyone who believes that.

Jennie said...

Pastor Burridge says true sorrow is 'often' not the main concern, not 'never'. He also says that conservative protestants often have a similar misplaced concern with being sure all possible sins are listed. Do you think all Catholics have the proper understanding of this? I don't think all protestants do. Pastor B's main concern here is:

It’s not the listing of our sins that earns forgiveness. It’s the work of Christ as our sin-bearer that pays the horrible price our sins deserve. He purchased forgiveness and restoration to fellowship with God.
I think one thing he is trying to say is that if we are saved by grace through faith we WILL have the sorrow over sins that brings repentance from our daily sins. We don't need to fear if we are living daily in repentance and faith. We don't need to fear that we'll die without confessing some sin. Of course redeemed people do get off track and need to be reminded of what's important and sometimes be brought back to repentance.

Jennie said...

Also, about having to 'do' something to be forgiven: as I said above, if we are redeemed and justified, 'recognizing' and 'agreeing with God' are not works; they are attitudes that come from the Holy Spirit in us that causes us to have the same mind as God over sin and everything else. We may need to be reminded of this and come back to it in repentance, but it will be part of us.