Sunday, December 26, 2010

'The Hope of the Whole World': John Cullimore

John Cullimore has a really good post up (he's had alot of good ones recently) called 'The Hope of the Whole World'. What John said about the treatment of an autistic boy, Neal, compared with how God entered our world, really struck me.


John Cullimore said...

Hey Jennie,

Thanks so much for reposting that.

I have had a whole lot on my heart lately. But it means a lot that you helped spread the word.


Christine said...

What a profound and meaningful metaphor for us at Christmas time. Using this example in thinking about what Christ did for us, I ask myself how many people's worlds do I fail to "enter" because it's just "too hard" to love that much.

Jennie said...

I feel the same way, Christine. It puts things in perspective; that the people in our lives are the most important, and we can never give too much love.