Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Exchangedlife.com: We Are the Righteousness of God

My husband has a new message up on his website, exchangedlife.com, called "We Are the Righteousness of God". This message goes along with the last post I did, in which I linked to an article by Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon; Bennett wrote partly about Cardinal John Henry Newman and his erroneous teachings on justification and righteousness. Eddie explains that the believer's righteousness comes from Christ, and is always there as imputed righteousness. Our righteousness is never our own. After justification, we are taught to abide in Christ so the word and the Spirit can sanctify us. We become holy or sanctified by daily crucifying the flesh and separating from worldliness. This does not make us more righteous, but takes the flesh out of the way and crucifies it, so the righteousness of God can shine forth. The flesh is like the bushel basket that is placed over the light. This must be removed so we can shine. This is the message of the gospel, that we by faith are given Christ's righteouness, and then the just walk by faith and God's grace to crucify the flesh and shine forth into the darkness as lights holy unto God.

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