Friday, July 02, 2010

Chuck Colson's Two-Minute Warning: Freedom of Worship: an anorexic description of our rights

Here is a timely topic for Independence Day weekend: a message from Chuck Colson about a 'subtle' message being given out by our President and His administration lately that may have serious repercussions for our religious freedom.

This is a video a friend linked to on facebook today, and here is the note she put with it: :" Please visit Chuck Colson's website and respond to the urgent alert. The administration is trying to re-define religious liberty as we know it. Watch the video by Colson, then respond in the way you feel led. Blog, write a letter to the editor, email others. But most of all, continue to PRAY that God will protect our freedoms so that we may not only enjoy religious liberty, but be free to share the gospel!"


Moonshadow said...

This is interesting. I read Weigel's original article.

Assuming, for just a moment, that Clinton/Obama do not have the agenda Weigel/Colson accuse them of, in regards to the first concern - that of "freedom of worship" - it seems to me that, quite simply, "religion" is a dirty word to born-again Christians. They don't adhere to a "religion," rather they have a faith. If Clinton seeks to speak to American evangelicals - and perhaps at Georgetown, she isn't - she adopts their lingo, albeit clumsily.

That's the most irenic interpretation I could bring to Secretary Clinton's phrase "freedom of worship." I'd still rather prefer the government take responsibility for guaranteeing me that freedom than my fellow American Protestants!

Because, well, even government has historically placed limits on religious freedom: celebration of Catholic mass was outlawed for a time, snake handling in Appalachia is presently outlawed as is polygamy in Utah.

On the freedom to love issue, one doesn't have to think too hard to come up with exceptions due to incest, etc. It ought to surprise us that the government hasn't intervened more in this area, out of concern for STDs. So far, they're satisfied to provide PSAs.

Jennie said...

I do believe that the left and the right are both part of a larger agenda to subvert the constitution and the Godly foundation of this nation. I believe there has been an agenda since the beginning of this nation to subvert both this nation's laws and, even more importantly, the church; to make it ineffective in shining the light of the gospel, and to make it a tool in the hand of satan instead. One of the ways they do this is to gradually change the meaning of words or use subtly different language so people don't realize that things are changing around them. This is being done. That is why it is so important to stay true to the Word of God, which is a plumb line for us; a standard that always remains.