Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Church and the Work: The Rest of the Old Old Story/Paul Pavao

The Church and the Work

This post by Shammah (Paul Pavao) was from an email sent to me as part of a conversation about the way the body of Christ should work and why it doesn't often work the way it should in most congregations. As Shammah said, I think the main reason is fear. Fear stems from pride which is the greatest sin. The opposite of these sinful emotions is love and humility. The word of God says 'The truth shall set you free' and 'Perfect love casts out fear.' We can only be set free from our sinful fear by the truth of God's word and the power of His spirit working in us. We can only love God and each other by that truth and power as well. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit work in each believer and each congregation to unite us into the Body of Christ.
The Lord has been stirring up alot of things in me that need to be dealt with from the past; there were issues in my marriage that had changed for the better but I recently realized I had not dealt with the feelings and effects from those earlier times. This has all come together with the realization that the church as a whole is failing to function as a body united by one Spirit, loving one another unconditionally, even as we know each other in all our faults and failures. The Body (church) has to work together with the Word of God (who is Christ Himself revealed in Scripture) and the Holy Spirit (who is in us) in order to function as Jesus intended. My failures can be healed and my gifts can be used only as I allow myself to be vulnerable within the church that God has put me and my family in. My extreme introversion makes me one of those who fails the most at this, but it also gives God the glory when He makes His strength perfect in me. To God be the glory!

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