Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Word is Alive, By Casting Crowns: Video

Here's a video of another one of my favorite songs I found on Youtube. It's 'The Word is Alive' by Casting Crowns. I think of the Word first as Jesus Christ, who is the Logos or the Word who was begotten by the Father in eternity past, and is of one substance with the Father and the Spirit. The scriptures are the very words of God that came forth from His mouth and His Spirit and are an extension of Himself given to us for the purpose of revealing Himself to those who will believe and obey Him.


Moonshadow said...

This band is on tour right now, you may know. My sister-in-law saw them two Fridays ago in Rochester, NY. And they came through NJ the next night.

Jennie said...

Thanks Teresa, I didn't know that. We don't go to concerts very often. I would enjoy seeing them. I just looked it up and they are coming to Alabama soon, but not Georgia.