Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Pilgrim Church: Sources Used by the Author

The Pilgrim Church by E.H. Broadbent uses a very long list of sources (71 sources are given in the introduction by the author) and has even more sources listed in the endnotes of every chapter.
Many of the books were rare even during Broadbent's time in the 19th century, and many are not available anymore, being out of print. I can't list every book, but I will list a few to give an idea of the type of sources used.
The Anti-Nicene Christian Library
Marcion. Das Evangelium vom Fremden Gott,Adolph von Harnack
East and West Through Fifteen Centuries, Br.-Genl. G.F. Young
A Select Library of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, translated and annotated by J.C. Pilkington, M.A. Edited by Philip Schaff
Priscillian ein Neuaufgefundener Lat. Schriftsteller des 4 Jahrhunderts, Dr. Georg. Schepss, who discovered the MS. in the Wurzburg University, 1886.
die Paulikianer im Byzantischen Kaiserreiche etc., Karapet TerMkrttachian. Archidiakonus von Edschmiatzin
The Key of Truth: A Manual of the Paulician Church of Armenia, translated and edited by F.C. Conybeare. Document found by the translator in 1891 in the livrary of the Holy Synod at Edjmiatzin
Le Christianisme dans l'Empire Perse sous la Dynastie Sassanide (224-632), J. Labourt
Das Buch des Synhados, Oscar Braun
The Bazaar of Heraclides of Damascus, J. Bethune-Baker
Nestorian Missionary Enterprise: The Story of a Church on Fire, Rev. John Stewart M.A., Ph.D. T.7T, Clark, Edinburgh
The Ancient Vallenses and Albigenses, G.S. Faber
Facts and Documents Illustrative of the History, Doctrine, and Rites of the Ancient Albigenses and Waldenses, S.R. Maitland
Die Reformation und die alteren Reformparteien, Dr. Ludwig Keller, K. Staatsarchivar
Life and Letters of Erasmus, J.A. Froude
Das Netz des Glaubens, Peter Cheldtschizki, translated from Old Czech to German by Dr. Karl Vogel
History of the Moravian Church, J.E. Hutton

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