Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lazarus, Come Forth!: Lyn Mize of First Fruits Ministry

Here is an interesting article by Lyn Mize called 'Lazarus, Come Forth!', which is a prophetic study of the raising of Lazarus in John 11. It goes along with the earlier post called 'The Great Delusion (The Lie): Lyn Mize of First Fruits Ministry'. Again, we should use these as warnings to repent of our sins, submit to God, and learn to depend on Him and abide in Him in obedience and love. It does NOT mean that we have to panic and run around trying to do good works in order to escape judgment. Good works flow from faith and love and from abiding in Christ; any works done in fear by our own power are not pleasing to God. Again, see Eddie's study on 'The Love of God That Overcomes Condemnation.' Eddie is also finishing a study to go along with the last one on works, faith, and love; basically how works flow from faith and love.

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