Thursday, February 09, 2012

Good Post by Wes King: Where does my inspiration for writing songs come from?

I read this post by Christian singer/songwriter Wes King today on facebook and wanted to share it with you.

Someone wrote me an email and asked me where my inspiration comes from to write songs. This was my response, thought I'd share it.

Well, it may sound trite, but it comes from knowing God, and the desire to know Him better.
The older I get, the more believable the Gospel becomes to me. I believe that God made us to enjoy what He has made, and Himself. There are countless other reasons, but these two are chief, or first among them.
Have you ever noticed that you have more fun at a sport or subject when you are good at it? You get good at it by practicing, and the more you practice the more you know it. The more you know it the better you are, the better you are the more you enjoy it. Thus, joy in increased by knowledge. Remember the verse "You shall KNOW the truth, and the Truth shall set you free". At the heart of Christianity is a knowing.
Sometimes, no often, you practice football, by not playing football, but by doing something like lifting weights, or watching football films. I've never seen anyone take a set of weights out onto a football field during a game, or old films of football games in the huddle. The weight lifting helps you become stronger over all, the films help you understand the over all game better. Both prepare you for the actual game. The weights, and films are not the ends, they are the means.
It takes faith, study, fellowship, and love to even begin to grasp the ineffable dimensions of God's love. In the end, we have to believe that He made us, and loves us, and understands what we are here for.
When we are amazed by that power and love, then our response is to know, and serve, and please the One who loved us so much that He ransomed us from the wages of our sin, and lifts us from our fallen state.
The further down the road to understanding, and knowing the God who loves us, the more our perceptions increase. Where we once saw a sea of green, we now see beautiful blades of grass, the lines and pattern on each one. We see a beautiful lady bug climbing to reach the top of one of these amazing little designs as ourselves reaching for the heights. We see the poetry in every inch of creation because God is a Poet. We see our actions and choices differently because God is telling a story and we want to play the part He has written for us with honor.
In short, we see the design and it's beauty with more understanding, because we believe that there is a Designer. In seeing deeper down, further in, and higher up we become inspired.
Do you remember when you were young and you drew, what to you at the time, was a master piece? What did you do, hide it? No, you called an urgent emergency meeting of your whole family to behold this creative masterpiece by your hand. I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa had to rush over and be amazed as well. You wanted to share the inspiration, the beauty, the childlike majesty.
This is why I write songs. I want to share the wonder, and be in the wonder. I love seeing someone's eyes open wide, the mouth agape, and the unique sound that only humans make when they are amazed by Seeing something that astounds them. Remember Jesus saying, "if you seek me you will find me". I want to seek that majesty with my own eyes and proclaim it, and the glory of the One who is worthy of our wonder. A good song is just one long, "WOW" that rhymes.
God bless you little sister. I pray this helps you. Go, be inspired to be a light to the world. I'm honored you would ask me.

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