Monday, December 26, 2011

Channeling my inner Italian: a Fontanini nativity

My Christmas present this year is a Fontanini Italian stable and Holy Family. By 'coincidence' my twin sister decided to get one this year too. We seem to read each other's minds alot and end up doing the same things without knowing it ahead of time. I've been getting in touch with my Italian side lately and enjoying the distinctive artistry of the country of my mother's ancestors.


Moonshadow said...

A classic.

When I was shopping for a nativity, I had to have the same set as my parents. Nothing else would do. Impossible, right? Not at all. That's what's so great about a classic.

And so my kids play with it the same way I did. That's the best part.

Mine's resin - is yours something else? Seems to shine more.

Jennie said...

They're made of polyresin; probably the same thing as yours. It's not hard like ceramic, but kind of like hard rubber. So the kids can play with it, which is really good.

Hope you had a good Christmas, and have a happy New Year! :)