Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Did Leah have 'weak' eyes?

Here's a lovely article doing a word study on the Hebrew words describing Leah in Genesis 29:17. I found it after reading Spurgeon's 'Morning' devotional for Tuesday on After reading it, I googled 'Did Leah have weak eyes?' and found the article I mentioned above. I love this part: "Saying that she had "weak eyes" is a term of praise for her, since her greatest fear was to be forced to undergo an arranged marriage with Esau, and therefore she wept and wept to be the mother of the righteous.... God saw her tears -- and made her the most fruitful of the four matriarchs of Israel." Leah wanted to be 'the mother of the righteous' rather than bear children to the rebel Esau. God blessed her for that desire.

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