Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayer request for my dad

Please pray for my dad, Arch Nelson. My mom just called and told me she's taking my dad to the emergency room, and my brother and sister, who both live nearby, are going with her. My dad has a 102.7 fever, a rash on his chest and arms, and a sharp pain in his neck that comes and goes. He hasn't been feeling well for a few days, and my mom said he had gotten bit by a tick last week while they were on vacation in Florida. Please pray for my dad and my family, that the doctors would find out quickly what is wrong, and for healing and peace. My dad is a believer, and he's 76 years old. UPDATE: My dad is doing okay though still not feeling well. He's at home, and the doctors have given him an antibiotic for tick related diseases. They believe it is a mild form of Lyme disease which should be cured by the medication. Thanks to all who are praying for him.


Christine said...

Hope your dad is doing better now, and you too, Jennie.

Jennie said...

Thanks Christine. My dad is improving every day. I'm doing ok and seeing God working every day in our family, even when I fail; which I do alot. But God is faithful.