Saturday, March 13, 2010

Walking in the Spirit: Paul Pavao

Paul Pavao has a short post on his blog, 'The Rest of the Old, Old Story,' called "Walking in the Spirit." It talks about how believers need each other to help conquer the struggles we have in our Christian walk and how we should focus on the one next thing that God is showing us to do because that one thing is what He gives us grace to do.


Paul Pavao said...

Hi Jennie,

This is Paul Pavao.

I only noticed today all the people you sent over to my site in February. I thought, gosh, a blogspot blog called Pilgrim's Daughter sounds real familiar.

So I came here to look. I know who you are now, of course. I owe you an email!

Of course, I owe about 8 other people an email, too. For Corporations, taxes are due March 15, not April 15, so I'm finishing up a lot of work today. I didn't forget about you.

So I guess I just want to wish you an nice day. Do you live anywhere near Atlanta? I know of a really great group of people about 15 minutes northeast of the Atlanta loop. They're kind of a suburban community.

In fact, one of the central guys there has a blog at if you want to check it out.

Grace be with you!

Jennie said...

Hi Paul,
I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I was a bit worried I had annoyed you by asking too many questions, but I hoped you were just busy, and here you have confirmed my hope :) Thanks. Take your time on the email if needed. Taxes are unfortunately a priority.
We live west of Atlanta not too far from Alabama, but my husband works east of Atlanta in Duluth. I'll look up the blog you mentioned; sounds neat.
I'm interested to hear what you might have to say about the eucharist as I mentioned in my last email, whenever you have time.
God bless you!