Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Council of Nicea revisited in our time

Here is an article by Dr. Gavin Finley of End Time Pilgrim about the past Church-State compromises as a warning to the present-day church against trusting in the State as our protector. Christ is the church's husband and protector, and whenever she looks to another she is being unfaithful to Him, her Savior and betrothed Bridegroom. He warns that, as God teaches us in the books of prophecy, there will be a falling away of the church, and the church will be expected to compromise by bowing to the world government and becoming one with false religions of the world. This is the picture of the woman riding the beast in Revelation. She is shown as being drunk with the blood of the saints of God. We as christians must flee to Christ and His word alone as our refuge in these end times.

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