Friday, January 16, 2009

Tower of Babel

The Roman Catholic church* is another historical repetition of the tower of Babel. This was a metaphor used by the reformers for the Roman Catholic church.

The Lord intended that the believers scatter and form local bodies and spread over the earth, not form a central hierarchy and institution that would rule over men and nations.

Just as the Lord scattered the peoples at Babel, He scattered the believers by persecution, and also by dissent against the 'tower' built by the Roman church. That is why there are so many 'schisms'** as the Catholics call them: in reaction against Rome and in obedience to the Lord.
Here are some interesting articles about unity among denominations:
*By church, I mean the hierarchy or magisterium, which is the catholic understanding, as opposed to the protestant understanding of the church as the people of God.
**Some schisms, denominations, or sects are not biblical, but many are.

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