Saturday, November 22, 2008

This didn't have to happen

Here is a sad story about a young man named Jesse Kilgore who lost hope after reading a book by famous atheist and evolutionist, Richard Dawkins.
What is so sad is that the young man was a Christian, but after reading Dawkins' book 'The God Delusion' he became so hopeless that he took his own life, apparently without even speaking about this to his own father who might have given him guidance.
This story amazed me because of the fact that there is so much information available to someone who wants to find the truth about our origins (see; this DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. WHY did Jesse just give up without asking for help from those who are wiser than he? Why did he just assume that the atheist, whom God in His word calls a fool, was right? Why did he give up his faith and his life instead of fighting to the end?
Here is a search page from my husband's website,, that links to messages my husband wrote about Richard Dawkins' books and articles refuting Dawkins' evolutionary teachings.
Just because someone like Dawkins sounds so sure of himself doesn't make him right.
There is no evidence for evolution, contrary to the BIG LIE you have may been taught in public schools. The evolutionists know how to sound sure of themselves (and maybe they are) but the facts don't support them if you are willing to keep looking for the truth ("Seek and you shall find" as the Lord Jesus said).

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